Sober Coaching

I Am Recovery offers Sober Coaching in person or online with AZOVA's secure system. We specialize in addiction recovery, depression, anxiety, and family relationships. Create an online AZOVA account below or call 1-801-407-9998

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Outpatient Care

I Am Recovery offers Day Treatment and Out Patient Care conveniently located in Highland Utah. Our program is evidenced based with heavy doses of Experiential Therapy, DBT, and an emphasis on spirituality. We are built for the working professional with night and weekend groups to support those that are working or in school.

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Transitional Living

I Am Recovery offers a Transitional Living Home or in American Fork Utah for Adult Males. Our intensive transitional living program is built with long-term sobriety in mind.

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Why I Am?

“I Am” is the most powerful statement in the universe and whatever follows it is the second most powerful expression. Many of us develop a negative inner dialogue throughout our lives and begin to believe all the negative I Am statements that surround us. We must take personal inventory and be willing to change the I Am voices in our lives and engage in a metamorphic change of our I Am to one that reflects the way God would have us see ourselves. Here at I Am Recovery we seek to awaken the light within our clients.


Sober Support Through Foster50

We believe in long solution for long-term problems. Addiction is not going to be healed in 30-90 days nor should that be the expectation. Foster50 was created to build support from 6 months, to 1 year and for life with engaging groups, sober coaching support, family involvement, and much more. Join our community group page for free here to find activities and support near you. Learn more at

the addiction path to recovery

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"The opposite of addiction is not recovery, it is connection."  Johann Harri, Ted Talks