Chase Bennett Lott


Chase Bennett Lott

Admissions Director

My name is Chase Bennett Lott. I am the Admissions and Marketing Director for I Am Recovery. I feel passionate about working in recovery! My passion stems from some of my own life experiences that have helped shape and mold me. Working in recovery is rewarding! I especially enjoy seeing the “glow” rekindle and radiate as people heal and see them gain greater appreciation as they overcome their own difficulty and experience personal victories. Recovery and healing can be difficult and sometimes personal. I Am Recovery has a more flexible treatment modality approach. Everyone at I Am Recovery receives a personal mentor and life coach. Life coaches help the individual identify the modality of treatment and course through treatment that is best for them. I Am Recovery provides individualized treatment through a diverse set of modalities, practices and “alternative” approaches so each client identifies and commits to their own “preferred MO”. I feel honored and privileged to assist people in getting wholesome holistic quality services here at I Am Recovery . Being an active participant in the therapeutic environment is something I am grateful to be part of. I enjoy being able to contribute and be part of peoples recovery process. All the administrative staff at I Am Recovery take the trust and confidence of their client very seriously. 

I am Utah Valley cultured. I enjoy playing and listening to music, training mixed martial arts, being in the mountains, and spending time with family and friends. My favorite food is salmon and asparagus! My favorite color is khaki/tan. If I could travel anywhere out of the country today I would go to Greece. 

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