Therapy and Counseling

I Am Recovery offers online and in person therapy & Counseling. Create a free secure AZOVA account today to schedule an appointment online or call today at 1-801-407-9998 for a free consultation.


I Am Recovery offers Outpatient/IOP services.  The heart of our program is focused on helping support our clients shortly after detox or residential treatment. We understand that this is statistically the most vulnerable time for relapse. We are committed to help each client maintain long-term sobriety. Call 1-801-407-9998 for a free consultation.

Recovery Residence

I Am Recovery is committed to providing a safe and loving home environment for healing to be achieved. Depending on each client's needs, we will be providing a recovery residence soon. Call for consultation and availability. Call 1-801-407-9998 for a free consultation.

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Connection is Our Focus

We are committed to helping each client heal from their wounds and connect with their loved ones, self, and their higher power. Call us for a free consultation and feel the difference.

Our Promise and Commitment

We will love you until you love yourself. After completing treatment with our program. All graduates will be invited to free aftercare and activity days for life. We will encourage you to 'pay it forward' and help sponsor others in the program in whatever way you can. Look for one our monthly activity days in your area to come meet the family.

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Join our Family

I Am Recovery is committed to provided care for all budgets. If we don't have the services you need, then we will help you find the best care possible. Call or book an appointment today.