Shay Aslett


Shay Eagle Aslett

Transformation Coach

Shay Aslett received his BA in Integrated Studies with an emphasis in business and English from UVU. He created value as a financial coach and trainer for the TD Ameritrade educational services for retail investors for 7 years. He and his wife then had the unique experience of her becoming the primary provider and him becoming the primary person on point at home with their 3 incredible kids. This created tremendous EQ growth opportunities for both he and his wife.

Recovery is everyone’s problem. We will all have experiences in this life to recover from. The skills of healthy, happy and recovery are applicable across all families, lifestyles, ages. places and time. Learning how to be happy, healthy and connected can be acquired by all that desire.

As a financial coach Shay developed a real application-oriented approach to coaching retail investors around finances. As a transformation coach for I Am Recovery he brings that same application-oriented methodology to re-connecting with your world through recovery. As a coach at I Am Recovery he is the ‘What’ guy. What are you doing or not doing that is creating unworkability or workability in your life and creating a path to possibility and connection. His unique hard-earned perspective of running point at home has provided valuable wisdom into experiencing joy in your life.

Shay does family, friends, faith, fitness, finance, forests and fun.

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