When do your weaknesses become your strengths?

“The moment that you quit resisting your weaknesses and accept them as they are perfectly in the moment is the moment that the divine begins to work the impossible to be possible. The weaknesses transforming into strengths. The dark brought into light. The lack consumed with fulfillment.”  – Shay Dogg

Said another way much more eloquently by Krishnamurti;

“When you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it. Then what you are undergoes a transformation.”

Recovery is a process and an essential life skill of those that have trained to be happy, fulfilled and joyful independent of the highs and lows they experience. 

Believing that a weakness can become a strength is essential to progress. Progress equals happiness. Bringing your weak to your Heavenly Father, God, the Universe, your friends and your world as a way to ignite this transformation which can also be sparked through an honest commitment to a purpose greater than you 

As you look at that weakness and choose to take total responsibility for all of it -all the way. How you perceive its purpose and role in your recovery will have a significant impact on what part it plays in your story. Does it disempower or empower. Is it you or when its gone do you become you? Does your body and life expand or contract as you keep stepping through the shame and the weak, and the lack, and the ugly and the dark? 

Your inner wisdom is ready and willing to connect with and guide you. As your perception changes about that thing that you perceived negatively a space is created for something different – something positive and growth oriented. 

The lessons learned navigating that gap and ultimately allowing it to disappear is the skill that drives energy, hope, acceptance, possibility and progress. NO MATTER HOW SMALL! In fact the smaller the better AND it must be celebrated and noticed. 

Thats the stuff that makes our recovery unique, our own and worth the effort and determination to make the impossible possible.

We gain so much from sharing in others stories. Listen to Cynthia Pasquella-Garcia if this speaks to you. This beautiful woman courageously and nakedly shares her path from struggling model and aspiring showbiz hopeful to weight gain and acne culminating in the discovery of lumps in her breasts – all leading to the question, “Does my life need me anymore?”

In that moment her inner wisdom is shocked to life with the poignant statement.”Cynthia, this is happening for you. Not to you! Her path through recovery and health and giving her gifts and talents to the world will give you insights into slaying your own dragons today. 

Put your headphones on. Go for a jog or a walk and give it a listen. It will expand your capacity to fight for your possibilities and not your limitations.

Much Love – 

I Am Recovery

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