Chris Avery

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Chris Avery

Head Transformation Coach

I feel that life experiences are what shapes us. This industry is not what I thought I would be doing if you would have asked me 8 years ago. Then again, I feel that it chose me; I didn’t choose it. My journey to get here started at a young age. I faced trauma from sexual and physical abuse and as I grew older I didn’t know how to handle my thoughts, emotions and feelings so I turned to drugs and alcohol. As this carried on for years I lost all self-worth, belief and confidence in myself. From all the times of doing what I said I would not do, I thought I would never be a man of my word. I didn’t know how to have love for myself or keep boundaries. I was blessed enough to have someone invite me to a seminar. I went to this event and started to get around amazing people. I was introduced to amazing books and incredible audios that rekindled hope into my life that I could be better, that life could get better. As I continued going to these events I was introduced to a man named Michael Bernoff and this is where creating the empowered person I wanted to be, kicked into hyper gear. I mentored with him and became part of his top leadership team. As I created powerful skills and a system to design the life I desired to live, I wanted to help more people in the world live their passions and dreams while helping them implement the tools so they can feel powerful in their own skin. This lead me to become a Transformation Coach so that we could help people in recovery live a life of sobriety, fulfillment and purpose To help them find and become the person they desire!

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